Confidential VP for a major financial services company

Confidential VP for a major financial services company

Hiring executive leaders gets harder when special licenses or certifications are prerequisites to even be screened for a role, especially when prospective candidates don’t actively market them. 

Ensuring your talent pool has the mandated credentials adds hours of research time for teams handling searches in-house—depending on your size, this might not be a viable option for you. 

The alternative is to engage with an executive search firm that has enough capacity to handle the legwork. The downside is the cost. It’s expensive, and with budgets shrinking, partnering with a firm will increasingly be reserved for top-level executives like CEOs and CFOs. 

This leaves teams buried in a mountain of sourcing work on top of their existing obligations. 

This exact scenario prompted a VP of Executive Talent at a major financial institution to work with SearchEssentials. 

The team needed to hire a VP in Banking to expand into new sectors, and the kicker was that this person also needed to have two distinct securities certifications. Complicating matters further, not all financial institutions require the same certifications for comparable roles, so someone needed to manually qualify each candidate's credentials ahead of any interaction. 

Our team took on the challenge and quickly identified a pool of candidates with the required certifications, ultimately reaching out to 100 individuals. 

After calibrating the client’s target profiles, we provided five introductions for the hiring team to pass along, saving hours of research and a search firm placement fee.  

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