How a Rapidly Scaling Startup Found 6 Candidates in 8 Weeks

How a Rapidly Scaling Startup Found 6 Candidates in 8 Weeks

A healthcare startup needed to hire a new Program Director with experience scaling operations to continue their rapid expansion of medical centers across the US. In just two years, they had grown from 10 physical locations to 90 and were looking to accelerate growth further. 

The importance of supporting this growth was so critical that an interim consultant was brought in to fill the need while they searched for a full-time replacement

The team had specific candidate criteria, including:

  • Strong Tableau and dashboarding skills
  • A preference for both consulting and direct healthcare experience
  • Strict location requirements to be in person in a southeastern city

Operating autonomously across a large organization with a complex structure was paramount. 

The talent acquisition specialist told our team they “would be shocked” if we could find anyone in the industry with this unique combination of skills, as they previously had limited success finding a candidate in such a niche talent market.

They only had four candidates in process, sourced from their personal network, referrals from current leadership, and internal employees. They needed more to ensure that a qualified candidate was placed quickly.

SearchEssentials came on board and, after one kickoff call, quickly established a target company list and got to work engaging with qualified individuals. The team screened 14 prospective candidates and in just eight weeks provided 6 introductions to those who met all of the requested criteria, with several candidates progressing to the final in-person interview stage. This more than doubled their talent pool of prospective candidates, allowing the team to feel confident with their final hiring decision.

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