Strategic leader with VC and industrial food experience

Strategic leader with VC and industrial food experience

The in-house executive recruiting function at a prominent international food brand was responsible for closing around 70 searches annually, 85% of which were conducted in-house. 

Because of their efficient process, the team was skeptical about enlisting research or sourcing assistance from any firm outside of traditional executive search to support their research and sourcing efforts. But when the Senior Executive Talent Lead was tasked with hiring a Senior Director of Venture Capital with a unique combination of experience in Venture Capital and industrial food and beverage suddenly, the robust talent landscape seemed sparse.

Their desired candidate:  

  • Worked in the same timezone as the global headquarters, which eliminated candidates from an entire coast of the United States
  • Had experience leading corporate venture capital
  • Had food and beverage experience

Despite their initial efforts, they still hadn’t found the right fit. The role wasn’t senior enough to enlist one of their usual search firms, but urgent enough that the Talent Lead was starting to feel the pressure to find the perfect fit.That’s when they found Search Essentials. The Talent Lead shared an initial list of three competing food and beverage companies with Venture Capital arms, along with ideal candidate profiles from those competitors. Our team got to work expanding the scope of the market mapping project and filling in the gaps in market intelligence around compensation and how candidates’ previous venture funds were built.

In two weeks, we delivered 30 qualified candidates, with titles ranging from:

  • VP Of Strategy
  • Partner
  • Director of Finance
  • Co-Founder
  • Senior Manager M&A
  • Head of Corporate Development

The Senior Executive Talent Lead hired the best fit, confident that they had identified all of the top players in the market, including those previously missed.